The Civil Association was founded on May 18, 2016 under the inspiration and leadership of its founder, Mrs. Antonia Gonzales Palomino, who in her vision of helping those most in need manages to consolidate the Civil Association "SURGIENDO", taking charge of bringing together a team of people who have the same vocation of service to others.


To date, "SURGIENDO" has been supporting groups of women with limited economic resources in the peripheral areas of the North and East Cones of the city of Lima, through the Communal Banks program that has the components of credit and training whose impact is determined in the achievement of the objectives of each member of the communal bank and are agents that generate their own jobs to improve their family finances, strengthen their self-esteem and empower their capacities.

Street Las Lilas 490 - Agrupamiento San Eugenio A-305 Lince - Lima - Perú

511-4400198 / 51-981933420