The financial component that “SURGIENDO” grants to the Community Banks has 4 financial products.



It is granted to the associates of the Communal Bank according to their needs and payment capacity with joint guarantee, so that they can invest in their businesses in a minimum period of 4 months and a maximum of 6 months.



It is an account that is granted to members who have been in the village bank for more than one year and has a maximum term of 12 months, they are credits that are granted for education and housing improvement.



They are credits for certain very fast return campaigns whose maximum term is 1 month.



Individual credit is an additional product that “SURGIENDO” offers to the graduate members of the village banks with more dynamic and larger businesses, whose capital requirement is higher and of up to 24 months. For its granting, a credit evaluation is carried out on the client that supports her capital needs and payment capacity.

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